Dance Dance Evolution


   Difficulty: 2

Phillip Ginn (Composer)

It’s the history of the modern world… through dance music.

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* Audio renditions use sounds from Sibelius Sound Essentials and therefore may not fully represent the intention of the music or the intended final outcome.

A waltz. A tango. Disco. Hip-hop.

Dance Dance Evolution combines four different styles of dance music, starting with an early style through to a modern style. The music has great variety, groove, and is absolutely fun to play. Though sophisticated, it is certainly accomplishable by a lower-intermediate percussion ensemble. Written for a full marching drumline, Dance Dance Evolution is also easily adaptable for the concert percussion ensemble.

Originally commissioned by the 2011 Patterson High School Drumline in Patterson, CA under the direction of Spencer Jepson. Patterson won first place in CCGC Concert Percussion category in their division.