About PolyOmni Music

In 2008, Phillip Ginn and Noah Clark founded PiNdrop Music Design, a place dedicated to offering creative original music for every ability level, from beginners to professionals. In July of 2013, PiNdrop Music Design underwent some changes and is now a site dedicated to offering free educational music materials.

The next step is PolyOmni Music.

Founded by Phillip Ginn in 2013. Every single piece of music has Phillip’s name on it, whether it’s a solo effort or a special collaboration with another, hand-picked composer. PolyOmni Music specializes in offering unique, original music with a special love for percussion and the marching arts. You’ll find sheet music for indoor percussion, marching band, concert, chamber, and more.

We offer music for every ability level and every ensemble. All music is designed to challenge the performer. Everything is written to be memorable. There’s a higher standard here. We’re never content.

We stand for beauty, creativity, and sincerity in music.

This is music for everything.

It’s that simple.

Need to know more?

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About Phillip Ginn

Phillip started playing the piano in 2nd grade and the clarinet in 5th grade. He began his drumming career in the 9th grade when he joined the Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps, playing bass drum (1992), tenors (1996), and snare (1993-1995, 1998). During this time the Mandarins won three Division III World Championship titles and several High Percussion awards. He has also played drumset in various pop, rock and jazz bands in Sacramento and with the Hei Gu Chinese Percussion Ensemble.

He began teaching drumlines in the fall of 1995 with the CK McClatchy Marching Band, where he taught for 9 years and also began a composition/arranging career. Since then he has added show design to his resume. He has served as Percussion Caption head for the Lincoln, Union Mine, Orestimba, and Center High School drumlines in northern California. His focus in education is to provide students a deep technical and conceptual understanding of what they’re doing without forsaking the art or feel for playing music.

In addition to having sold music to ensembles across the country, he has been a commissioned composer and arranger for the West Campus HS, Lincoln HS, Olentangy Liberty Middle School, and Patterson High School drumlines, the latter winning first place Concert Percussion in the CVGPC circuits in 2011 and 2012 and first place at the 2012 WGI Regional in Modesto, CA. He was also commissioned to co-write for the Beijing Xueyuan Road Primary School in China for the 2013 season.

Phillip is currently the Percussion Caption Head at Lodi High School in Lodi, CA. Phillip composes and arranges for pitched instruments and battery and auxiliary percussion, and for various types of ensembles. As a composer, he likes to combine the old and new, the proven and experimental, and genres of every sort, creating music that is unique yet accessible, and fresh yet inviting.

For more information about Phillip, visit his his website.



“Phillip is one of the most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His music is well-written, exciting, and challenging while still being accessible to performers and audiences alike. As a music educator, I appreciate that much of Phillip’s music works well in an educational setting. His commissions are always well-tailored to the ensembles for which they are written, and his shows allow students to develop technical skills while still offering them an engaging and enjoyable performance experience.”

Jay Mason
Former Band Director, Orestimba and Lincoln High School
Freelance Musician and Instructor
Musician Extraordinaire
Sacramento, CA


“I have known Phillip Ginn for six years. I have worked with him both as an instructor and as a composer/arranger. Phillip always takes the utmost care in his work and strives to give his best at all times. For the last three years, he has written the music for the percussion ensemble at the school I teach at, and all three of those years we have taken first place in our division at our local circuit championships, as well as first place at the 2012 WGI Regional in Modesto, CA. He always listens to what you want the music to be, and makes sure that you get what you want. I have never had anything but a wonderful experience working with Phillip, and I hope to continue that relationship for many more years. I can give him my highest recommendation to anyone interested in his work as either an instructor or a composer/arranger.”

Spencer Jepson
Music Director, Patterson High School; Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni
Patterson, CA


“Phillip Ginn understands the limitations of writing for a percussion [ensemble] and for individuals. His composition is balanced from front ensemble to the battery. Both complimenting each other melodically and rhythmically in his composition. Phillip’s teaching style is broken down to the most fundamental point of understanding and interpretation. He is very clear and articulate in his teaching style.”

Glen Guevara
Director of Bands, Lodi High School; Pacific Crest Alumni
Lodi, CA


Noah Clark – Music
Noah Clark teaches music privately in Sacramento, CA. He currently serves as Percussion Caption Head and primary Music Arranger for the West Campus Marching Band. Noah is also employed as a Beacon for Music Theory at Sacramento City College. He has over a decade of teaching experience with both battery and pit captions and has been commisioned to write and arrange for, and sold music to, several Independent, High School, and Middle School ensembles across the United States (and Beijing!). He has performed with numerous bands and artists, spanning many genres. His recording credits include Brilliant Red Lights, Dave Smallen, Future Force, !!! (chk chk chk), Sex Presleys, The Black Tibetans, Electric Badness, Doombird & Huge Black Man. Noah also performs as a soloist and with groups around his hometown, although these performances are rare and generally impromptu. For more info, contact Noah at noahclarklovesyou@yahoo.com.

Spencer Jepson – Drill
Spencer Jepson is currently the Director of Music at Patterson High School in Patterson, CA, where he teaches instrumental and vocal music. Mr. Jepson received his BA in Music Education from CSU-Stanislaus and his MM in Instrumental Conducting from CSU-Long Beach. Mr. Jepson has written drills for competitive winter drumlines and marching bands for the last several years, including Orestimba High School, West Campus High School, Modesto High School, and Patterson High School. Mr. Jepson is an alumni of the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps and still performs today as a member of the San Francisco Renegades Drum and Bugle Corps.