Difficulty: 2.5

Phillip Ginn (Composer)
Drill available by Phillip Ginn

Take the law into your own hands.

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Availabilty: Open to all

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* Audio renditions use sounds from Sibelius Sound Essentials and therefore may not fully represent the intention of the music or the intended final outcome.

Vengeance borrows from the darker legends of comic book lore. The tragedy of murder as a young child leads to a sorrowful childhood. Once grown up, the main character dons a mask and cape to rid his home city of the criminal element. Unexpectedly encountering his parents’ killer, the masked avenger exacts Vengeance, bringing the villain to justice.

This indoor percussion show is full of dark drama interspersed with the lightness of hope. It is heavy and passionate and full of opportunities for superheroics.
The front ensemble plays a huge musical role which frees up the battery to provide drive, texture, and the visual element. Vengeance is not a show to be trifled with!

Originally commissioned by the 2013 Lodi High School Drumline in Lodi, CA under the direction of Glen Guevara.