Difficulty: 2.5

Phillip Ginn (Composer)
Drill available by Spencer Jepson

Discover something. Anything.

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* Audio renditions use sounds from Sibelius Sound Essentials and therefore may not fully represent the intention of the music or the intended final outcome.

This popular indoor percussion favorite begs the ensemble to Discover. Designed to be an open-themed concept, this piece is the perfect score for winter drumline shows about art, space, adventure, the human experience… you think of it and Discovery suits it.

This best-selling drumline show has been performed by many ensembles, including West Ashley High School, Largo High School, Borden High Winter Drumline, Ripley High School, Henryville High School, Evergreen Senior High School, and Forza East Independent Percussion… just to name a few.

Originally commissioned by the 2008 Lincoln High School Drumline in Stockton, CA under the direction of Shawn Hines.



Difficulty Description

Simple meter, time signature, and tempo changes; 4-mallet block chords; heavy use of diddle and paradiddle-based rudiments; long phrases; intermediate musicality


December 2007


Glockenspiel; Xylophone; Vibraphone (2); Marimba (1 treble clef, 1 bass clef designed for 1 keyboard); Chimes; Timpani; Auxiliary Percussion; Snares; Tenors; Basses (5)

Drill by Spencer Jepson available!

Alternating between freeform to geometric, the drill for Discovery is drill perfect for lower-intermediate marchers with plenty of room for theatrical interpretation.

3 Snares
2 Tenors
5 Basses